Artéria is a Brazilian brand of intelligent handmade products, carefully designed and developed as part of a Slow Fashion approach. The two creators, Elene Veguin and Julia Sentelhas, studied fashion and accessories at the London College of Fashion and Polimoda Florence. Facilitating and improving people’s lives with design is what motivates both creatives.


We have co-developed the INFINI-T collection, an innovative collection of backpack and bum bag integrating a system which combines two complementary technologies : wireless charging, which is made possible thanks to electromagnetic induction, and photovoltaics, in order to make the device autonomous.
The whole set was thought in a modular approach, to keep it smart if any technical support was needed, to facilitate recycling but also to let the user choose whether he wants to use/carry the device or not, according to his needs.


We accompanied Artéria in the prototyping phase through a co-design solution.


We have worked together on the design of this backpack and this banana bag in a minimalist style, with the essential purpose of embedding this lighting technology the best way.

Both products embed a luminous system, which is made functional by organic electroluminescence.

This process involves the use of a conductive organic ink: a material which is reacting to an electric field that makes it bright.

It has the advantage of being washable once the power box (which contains a battery and an electric current transformer) is removed.

This prototyping phase allowed us to melt our know-how in order to create an innovative product.


« We don’t work with collections; we strive to create the new, the unusual, transforming a dream of a design into the delight of its completion. »
About Artéria