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Our Methodology

Studies, Prototyping, Industrialization & Go to Market

As old as the FashionTech industry itself, we have deepened our experience
in developing custom-made innovative collections for our demanding clients.

DE RIGUEUR is the only R&D team with a comprehensive understanding of your design requirements. Combined with our in-house methodology, this allows our team of engineers to adapt to any request of a tech innovation integration in your particular products.

Our competitive advantage also lies in the fact that we plug in your production facilities, speak the same technical language as them, and build up on top of their know-how.


“We are the spices your recipe was looking for.”


A successful innovation always starts with a good mapping : why innovating, what to offer and to which customers ?
What solutions suit the best my project ? At what costs & delays ?

Brand DNA/Cust. Needs Analysis:
Analyzing customers or target customers behaviors is key to understand their concerns, answer their needs and create the most relevant products. Avoiding gadget effect is the best way to last in time !

Creativity workshop:
We often think in a circular way ; using our creativity methods will help you generating wild concepts that will make you stand out from your competitors while staying true to your DNA.

Feasibility/Integration Studies:
After having validated an innovative product concept, our team of engineers will help you translate your dream into a concrete project with clear development timeline and budget.

Proof of concept:
Validating the desired functions quickly with solutions on the shelves is a smart move before investing in custom developments and design. It also helps a lot for process validation internally.

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Now is time to make things real. Innovation takes time, and the most efficient way to reduce risks at the best costs is to respect the following steps.

Our mechanical designers and mechatronics engineers will be working with your design team to create tailor-made solutions, seamlessly integrated in your production lines.

Industrial prototype:
Feasibility, functions and design are yet validated, it is time to reach final characteristics by sampling the custom solution and using 3D printing or CNC prototyping for the desired rendering.

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Everything being validated, we can structure the Supply Chain of your project, create industrial tools for production and ramp up until it is fully optimized.

Depending on your project rendering, mechanical aspects might be more or less an important subject ; we will take care on the manufacturing of your moulds, cutting and marking tools.

Usually between 50 and 100 units to test the Supply Chain, integrate the first solutions in your factories, and tease the press and your clients with gifts and salesmen samples.

Press was enthusiastic and orders are taken from your wholesale partners, agents, or subsidiaries; you can press the button for full production and trust us to deliver qualitative items.

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Go to market

In parallel with production, we will take care on making your project a fully secured and qualitative collection, anywhere you sell it.

Quality Control:
3 steps of QC are set up : after production of the electronic components, after assembling in their protective shells, and before shipping by one of our independent QC partner.

Shipping worldwide and distributing in each country requires being compliant with transport and local authorities; we know how to secure this through official legal certifications, from EU to Japan.

Transporting fashion goods integrating technological solutions often creates a shift in your customs codes, and thus in your logistics habits. We’ll support with advice and partners information if needed.