Balenciaga - Electronic Neo-Classic

2021 Ideation Feasibility Study Prototyping Rework


Balenciaga had a new requirement to work on innovative and realistic concepts that would fit into their leather goods universe. The main task was to find the most relevant innovations that could be integrated into the brand’s handbag collections. Through this partnership, the Electronic Neo-Classic was born.

We do not collect licenses, the products made are always the property of our client, in perpetuity.

Step 1 – Ideation

The goal was to define the framework of the ideation with the customer. The generation of innovative concepts was achieved by crossing an active monitoring of existing technologies and the method of “reverse brainstorming”. After proposing ten different concepts, Balenciaga’s management selected five ideas combined in one single product.

Step 2 – Feasibility Study

The study was carried out on 4 main functions used in the project: biometric opening, charging by induction (charge In & charge out), light and touch control of the central unit.

This phase covered the study of the main functionality and specifications (design, mechanics, integration, and user interface).

Step 3 – Prototyping

A first prototype was realised in order to validate the proper functioning of the system, as well as its aesthetic appearance.
Improvements to increase light diffusion and reduce the size of the charging pad were planned.

Step 4 – Rework

A series of successive iterations to improve the system was performed. These steps are necessary to create a custom product while improving the production costs of each technology.