CELIO - Product Innovation Workshop

2020 Ideation Workshop


As consulting and training is a part of our services in the product innovation sector, Celio required our expertise to do a design thinking workshop that addresses the method ‘Reverse Brainstorming’. The two days seminar was based on three steps.

Ideation Workshop

Step 1 : Specifying the requestThis step is to define the framework of the ideation, and in particular to approach certain topics such as:

– The complete briefing (brand’s DNA).

– The typology of product aimed for the study.

– The qualification of the customer needs.

– The target customers (Personas).

Step 2: Ideation Workshop

Our teams of designers and engineers work together on the product innovation project through active market research and its corresponding technologies.

This allows Celio’s product teams to set up a method for generating innovative concepts: the ideation of new products, as well as an associated design proposal.

Step 3: Ideation Report

– Synthesis of the generated concepts

– Ideas for reflection

– Explanations of the technologies involved

– Design mock-ups