Lacoste - AutoLock Backpack

2022 Feasibility Study Prototyping Rework Tooling Pre-production Mass-production


We are increasingly connected: smartphones, laptops and tablets are valuables that accompany us in our daily lives. This makes our pieces of luggage interesting targets for pickpockets and thieves.

Lacoste Auto-Lock provides an answer to this problem by integrating a biometric lock into one of its backpacks. The fingerprint identification technology reduces the risk of theft during everyday travel.

This module, which is part of the Lacoste in Motion collection, strengthens the link between the object and its owner.

Feasibility Study

On the functional side, we wanted to adapt an existing technology (the tactile detection pad) to the Lacoste Leather Goods universe.

To do this, we imagined a system that allows the zippers of the backpack to be locked.
The feasibility study included an electronic study, a mechanical study, a cost study and an integration study. The latter determines where and how the locking system will be placed in order to blend it into the product.

We chose an assertive and visible housing which we blended into the aesthetics of the backpack through its color, pattern, and touch.


It was important for us to have a final product that put forward the technological dimension of the project. To achieve this goal, the Auto-Lock module is highlighted and centered on the backpack, giving the product a futuristic and unconventional look.


Several aspects of the project were revamped: mainly the design and durability of the object. More precisely, the material and paintwork were strengthened and changes to the fingerprint registration process were made to maximize the user experience.

Pre-Prod / Mass-Prod & Tooling

A specific mold was created for the front plate of the module.

This mold takes up the characteristics of the brand: the iconic “cotton piqué” texture.


Certifications et Go to Market

All products with embedded electronics are subject to certifications. These must be respected and depend on the country of sale selected: CE for the European Union, FCC for the United States, KC for Korea, PSE in Japan or MSDS, UN38.3 for air/sea transport worldwide, to state a few.

We challenge different certification bodies in order to obtain the most competitive prices and take care of the whole certification process so that the products can be sold in the selected countries and regions.

De Rigueur carries out certifications and quality control by independent firms to guarantee the conformity of the products delivered.