Lacoste INFINI T Backpack product innovation by De Rigueur

Lacoste. Infini-T Backpack

2018 Prototyping Rework Tooling Pre & Mass-production Certifications & Go to Market


As part of Lacoste Motion, we have co-developed the INFINI-T collection. These innovative backpack and bum bag are integrating a system which combines two complementary technologies : wireless charging (which is made possible thanks to electromagnetic induction), and photovoltaics (in order to make the device energy-efficient).
The whole set was thought in a modular approach, to keep it smart in case of technical support, to facilitate recycling but also to let the user choose whether he wants to use/carry the device or not, according to his needs.


Step 1 – Prototyping

A first functional prototype of the module was assembled in order to test the system at the lowest price possible. Technical options were settled, such as battery capacity, charging port, dimensions, types of photovoltaic cells, etc.
Then, a testing phase was undergone in real-life conditions to validate the different functionalities as well as the relevance of the selected technologies.

Step 2 – Rework

Designing the module in order to make each part work together was a technical and challenging part. First, a particular casing was developed using CNC prototyping. We needed it to integrate both technologies (the solar panel, which must appear on the outside of the bag) and the electromagnetic induction charging system (which shall release the energy inwards). Then, a section of flexible plastic (TPU) was designed to protect the electronics and facilitate the assembly on production lines. The choice of this material was made because of its ability to be easily perforated by leather stitching needles and thermoformed on the ABS+PC casing for waterproofing requests. Finally, a front pocket was added so that a phone could be stowed against the induction system, as well as some rubber points, in order to help positioning the phone and avoid slipping.

Lacoste product innovation by De Rigueur
Lacoste INFINI T Backpack 3D prototype innovation by De Rigueur

Step 3 – Tooling

A specific metal mold (faithful to the prerogatives of the final prototype) was developed in order to launch the industrialization phase of the project.


Step 4 – Pre & Mass production

A first batch of samples was developed to present the final products to a panel of buyers from different countries, and to the corresponding sale forces as salesmen samples to confirm quantities per country of distribution.

Step 5 – Certifications & Go to Market

Any product including electronics is subject to certifications. The certifications to be compliant with depend on the selected selling countries : CE for European Union, FCC for the USA, KC for Korea, PSE in Japan or MSDS, UN38.3 and Air/Sea transport identification for global transportation. We challenged the different certification organizations to obtain the most competitive prices and managed the process such that our client could sell it worldwide in its different stores.

Lacoste INFINI T Backpack solar product innovation by De Rigueur
Lacoste dessin technique 3D innovation product

“It was a real pleasure to work with a dynamic and flexible team. They built us a tailor-made solution that fit perfectly our DNA. The follow-up during the different steps of the project was well executed :
Their commitment made it very easy for us to integrate innovative materials to our products and it felt really reassuring to count on an expert and reliable team.”

Laura Fontaine-Vive – Responsable de Collection Maroquinerie

Lacoste INFINI T product innovation by De Rigueur
Lacoste INFINI T Backpack product innovation by De Rigueur
Lacoste smartphone product innovation by De Rigueur
Lacoste backpack innovation by De Rigueur