Lacoste. Infini-T Smartphone Wallet

2020 Prototyping Rework Logistics Certifications & Go to Market


Building on the success of its Infini-T backpack, Lacoste continues to make innovation part of its DNA by signing a smartphone bag featuring an inductive charging system. This everyday essential allows to carry a smartphone while giving it the necessary shot of energy for endless days.


Step 1 – Prototyping

The functionalities of this wallet have been optimised thanks to a module specially thought and designed to keep the lines and dimensions of the product.

We made the choice to indicate the level of energy remaining in the wallet by a system of LEDs present on the touchplate to turn the device On.

Finally, the upper left corner of this nomadic wallet has been discreetly equipped with a USB-C port to recharge it. The use of this technology allows to recharge any other smartphone by wired charging.


Step 2 – Rework

The design of the final prototype allowed us to make some additional improvements. We added a plate with shock-resistant properties in order to protect the electronic system and make it resistant against moisture. Additionally, a leather flap was also added on the system’s connectors.

Finally, the position and the good holding of the cell phone during its recharge have been optimized using mesh pockets inside the case.

Step 3 – Logistics

We accompanied Lacoste on all the logistical part of the project. The bag, including a battery, is now subject to the regulations of many organizations such as IATA (International Air Transport Association).

We are accredited to accompany brands throughout the entire process to ensure the proper routing of products.

Step 4 – Certifications & Go to Market

Any product including electronics is subject to certifications. The certifications to be compliant with depend on the selected selling countries.

We challenged the different certification organizations to obtain the most competitive prices and managed the process such that our client could sell it worldwide in its different stores.