Christian Louboutin - Loubilab

2020 Prototyping Rework Certifications & Go to Market


The House of Christian Louboutin unveils an innovative and unprecedented product: Loubilab, a cross-body with a wireless charging module for smartphones.


Step 1 – Prototyping

The electronic system has been optimized due to the size of the bag. The project aimed to melt a wireless charging technology within the pouch itself , which fits perfectly with the size of the smartphone.  Thus, the PCB, the battery, the electromagnetic induction emission system, and the USB-C port have been arranged and then double protected by two talyn plates before being covered with a cotton lining.

Externally, the device is activated by a touch panel that displays the amount of energy available via a visual feedback composed of 4 LEDs.


Step 2 – Rework

During the final prototyping phase, the module was redesigned in a modular way.

For this purpose, we have opted for a new independent leather case, adapted to different types of smartphones. This modular approach allows the user to take the system on board or not, while facilitating its recharging and, in the longer term, its recycling.



The final design chosen is a version of the electronics wrapped in grained leather, embossed with the Louboutin logo and slightly rounded corners, to which a sliced dye was applied. The mix of grained black leather and red rubber embossed with the Louboutin logo provides contrast while recalling the soles of the brand’s sneakers.

Step 3 – Certifications & Go to Market

All products, including electronics, are subject to certification. The certifications to be respected depend on the countries of sale selected.

We challenged the various certification organizations to obtain the most competitive prices and managed the process so that our client could sell it worldwide in its various stores.