MCM product innovation by De Rigueur


2019 Generation of Concepts Proof of concept


Known for the excellence of its know-how, the German luxury leather goods brand MCM (for Modern Creation Munich) combines tradition and innovation, heritage and modernity. Our team has supported the brand around the generation of innovative concepts as well as during the prototyping of three projects, requiring three different technologies. The first one involves a fingerprint locking/unlocking technology, the second one aims to embedd a flexible & sensitive screen within a pouch. Finally, the third project is based on the implementation of a recharging module integrated into a tote bag.


Step 1 – Generation of Innovative Concepts

This project required the creation of three concepts in relation to the brand’s DNA and in line with its constantly evolving vision. Our teams organized creativity workshops with the aim of rethinking the way we create products in a different approach.  The result was a serie of three innovative concepts.

Step 2 – Proof of Concept (POC)

Once the concepts and technologies were established and validated, our engineers have shaped three innovative Proofs of Concept, working closely with the German House.

POC 1: Fingerprint Opening Lock

The project involved the integration of a technological module allowing the opening / locking of the emblematic “Stark” backpack using fingerprints. This system is composed of three specific elements: a fingerprint sensor allowing the identification of its owner (able to record up to 10 different fingerprints), a visual feedback (LED) indicator for the detection of fingerprints and a micro-USB port which allows to recharge the system’s battery. Once assembled, the device was integrated into the original design of the bag.

POC 2: Flexible Sensitive Screen

Our engineers and designers have worked together in order to integrate a flexible and sensitive screen into one of the brand’s iconic clutch, on purpose of keeping a global lightness and resistance. These flexible screens offer many advantages such as thinness, lightness, flexibility, robustness and finally a very low energy consumption.

POC 3: Charging Module

The goal here was to implement a charging module into the “Toni” tote bag.

Our team first embedded the PCB and the battery in a specially designed protective casing which was then covered with leather by thermo-gluing technology. Laser-cut holes were made on the casing in order to create 5 lights indicators corresponding to the remaining percentage of battery (one LED on represents 20% of the total battery capacity). Finally, the device was sewn inside the bag.