2020 Prototyping Rework Certifications & Go to Market


The prestigious french malletier Moynat has taken a technological step forward and transformed one of its iconic products, the Mini Vanity, by integrating a fingerprint unlocking system into it. For this ambitious project, we assisted the company in the creation of this accessory that combines security and ultra-personalization.


Step 1 – Prototyping

We shaped a miniature sensor adapted to the dimensions of the Mini Vanity’s opening so that the technological element fits perfectly into the product while preserving its traditional proportions.

This new customized opening system combines a fingerprint sensor for owner identification, an LED system offering visual feedback and a USB-C port for recharging.

Step 2 – Rework

The adjustments made during this point were True Precision Work, requiring very great care.

The visible part of the device reveals a silver metal plate with curved edges that were adjusted to match the shape and design of the Mini Vanity.


The non-visible part of the module was made of zamak. This zinc and aluminium alloy encapsulates and protects the electronics while guaranteeing corrosion resistance. Finally, it was covered up with leather to finally blend into the interior of the bag.

Step 3 – Certifications & Go to Market

Any product including electronics is subject to certifications. The certifications to be compliant with depend on the selected selling countries.

We challenged the different certification organizations to obtain the most competitive prices and managed the process such that our client could sell it worldwide in its different stores.