Vanessa Bruno product innovation by De Rigueur

Vanessa Bruno. Cabas à recharge filaire

2020 Prototyping Certifications & Go to Market


Vanessa Bruno, famous for her iconic tote bag that is both fun and practical, wanted to revisit this classic to offer an innovative and trendy it-bag. Practicality and aesthetics are the key words of this project, which offers a removable pouch allowing to recharge the phone by attaching it to the famous tote bag. This innovative accessory preserves all its aestheticism for a better user experience.


Step 1 – Prototyping

To enable the phone to be recharged, we have integrated a wired recharging system into the pouch.

The first step is to encapsulate the module, which contains the necessary electronics and battery, in a protective layer that will be covered with leather to provide a discreet and concealed incorporation into the heart of the pouch. The black cotton is dedicated to the Autumn-Winter collection and the second cotton, in a colourful tone, is dedicated to the new collection of these innovative accessories.

The second stage is the wrapping of the module with the brand’s cotton. This is necessary to let the whole system blend into the pouch.


The third stage is the perforation of the casing so that LEDs can show the battery charge level.


Vanessa Bruno product innovation technology by De Rigueur
Vanessa Bruno 3D prototype innovation by De Rigueur

The fourth stage is sewing the module on the removable pouch that will fit on the bag thanks to a pressure system.


Step 2 – Certifications & Go to Market

Any product including electronics is subject to certifications. The certifications to be compliant with depend on the selected selling countries : CE for European Union, FCC for the USA, KC for Korea, PSE in Japan or MSDS, UN38.3 and Air/Sea transport identification for global transportation. We challenged the different certification organizations to obtain the most competitive prices and managed the process such that our client could sell it worldwide in its different stores.

Vanessa Bruno digital product innovation De Rigueur
Vanessa Bruno smartphone product innovation De Rigueur
Vanessa Bruno 3D prototype innovation by De Rigueur